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We have handcrafted fiber, yarn, roving, raw fleece, and many other products. You may pet animals

About Me

Who I Am

Folks call me the alpaca lady!

I came to owning alpacas about 9 months after being introduced to these magical beings.  I was looking for animals that were decidedly larger than the rabbits that I was raising. I had often dreamed of having a horse ranch, raising, training and showing.  The alpacas became the dream.

What I Make

Some have called me an alpaca whisperer! 

I raise alpacas, train, show and just plain love them. Of course, I have alpacas for sale. I also spin the fiber into alpaca yarn that I knit or weave into alpaca products such as scarves, shawls, hats and headbands. Since there is a limit to time and skills and desires, I also purchase some finish goods like alpaca toys, socks, gloves, mittens and some yarns.

Close the deal

I do what I love and so I love to live what I do. Nothing can compare to the pure joy of watching the alpacas romp or spending lots of time with this wonderful fiber in my hands.

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Wright Choice Alpacas

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